The ‘Owners’ are Budget Skip Services Ltd or B.S.S. Ltd.
The ‘Customer’ is the Company/ Firm/Person/ Corporation or Public Authority receiving the Owners Skips or services and includes their successors or personal representatives.

(a) If the Customer requires a drop door on the skip, the direction for the opening must be advised on booking or to the delivery driver prior to the skip being off loaded. Failure in notifying such request may result in additional charges being applied in any case where we are asked to return to the property to change the direction of the drop door.
(b) It is the responsibility of the customer to notify B.S.S. Ltd that they require for the skip to be placed on the public highway, and that permission needs to be requested from the local authority for this placement. B.S.S. Ltd will apply for skips permits and any costs for application are charged to the customer at the rate of their local authority.

(a) All times quoted for delivery are for guidance only, and B.S.S. Ltd accepts no liability for any costs incurred due to delays in delivery or failure to deliver on the preferred delivery date due to unforeseen circumstances.
(b) The Customer must rely on their own judgement and to satisfy themselves as to any protection they feel necessary to be positioned prior to the skip being deposited. It is not the responsibility of B. S. S. Ltd to provide this as part of the service, e.g. boards placed for the skip to go on.
(c) B.S.S. Ltd cannot accept any liability for any costs occurred through damage to the customer’s driveway or other property whilst delivering or collecting the skip of the public highway. May we draw your attention that tarmac, block paved, and patterned imprinted concrete driveways are at most risk.
You may be requested to sign a disclaimer if we are concerned over risk of damage before we will deliver the skip.
The customer is responsible for ensuring the position for the skip delivery has a clear access. Blocked access due to abandoned vehicles or materials resulting in failed delivery/collection will incur standing time and or an aborted delivery charge. B.S.S. Ltd trusts that all necessary permission or prior notice is given to neighbouring properties that a skip will be deposited in the said location.
(e) The customer is responsible for pointing out low lying cables, narrow entrance pillars, manhole covers, and any other potential risks or obstructions to B.S.S. Ltd or the driver prior to skip delivery/collection.
(f) The time allowed for delivery or collecting the skip is ten minutes. If the vehicle is kept waiting longer than this after arrival the customer shall be liable for reasonable charges. Standing times are chargeable at £60 per hour or part thereof.

(a) Payment method must be instructed at the point of order, if payment method has changed it is the customer’s responsibility to notify to B.S.S Ltd.
(b) Payment must be made before the skip can be delivered, either by credit/debit card with the office or by cash to the driver when he delivers the skip. B.S.S. Ltd DO NOT accept cheques.
(c) Account customers will receive an invoice which must be paid within the time agreed upon opening the account.

Safe Loading
(a) B.S.S. Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused when delivering or collecting a skip when requested to leave the public highway.
(b) The customer must not move the skip once positioned by the driver, the driver will leave the skip in a position he know it can be retrieved and moving a skip may cause delay in your collection if we cannot access it.
(c) Strictly level load – the skip should be loaded in a safe manner with no protruding objects or possibility of spillage. It should not be loaded above the height of the skip. Overloading may result in a request for excess waste to be removed or an additional charge may be applied.
If B.S.S. Ltd are unable to collect the skip due to an unsafe load a wasted journey charge may be applied.
(d) The skip shall not be used for the deposit of hazardous, inflammable, explosive or noxious waste.
A Contamination charge will be applied.
(e) In any case of damage by fire, vandalism or other means, including negligence or incompetence in use any skip, the customer will reimburse B.S.S Ltd all costs for either replacement or repair.

Waste Restrictions
(a) Materials including, but not limited to; are tyres, asbestos waste, fluorescent light tubes, toxic liquid, clinical/ medical waste or pressurised containers should not be loaded into the skip unless under special arrangement and declared on ordering. Any of these items found in a skip may result in the skip not being collected until the items are removed or an excess charge will be applied.
(b) Changes in legislation from time to time may deem certain waste to be classified as a special or difficult waste type.
Amendments to Government legalisation mean that what B.S.S. Ltd have to treat as a special or difficult waste is subject to change.

Contamination Charges
(a) If the waste type agreed on order is different to the waste type in the skip when tipped at our waste transfer station, a penalty charge will be applied and charged to the customer.
If you decide to change the waste type please contact the office on 02476 363002 to arrange this and a rate can be agreed.

(a) The hire period on all skips is 14 days unless otherwise agreed at order.
(b) If the customer requires the skip for a longer period it is their responsibility to notify B.S.S. Ltd of this before the 14 days or the skip will be automatically collected. To extend the hire period of the skip the customer will require to pay an additional hire

(a) It is the responsibility of the customer to notify B.S.S. Ltd if they require the skip to be collected before the 14 day rental period finishes.
(b) The collection waiting time will change throughout the year and is always an estimate when given to customers. Customers will be informed at the time of request what timescale we are working to at that time.
(c) There are different methods to request your collection.

Phone – 02476 363002
Email – orders@budgetskips.net
Text – text Collect with your DT number to 07708440368
Website – ‘Collect Skip’ option on website home page

Cancellation Charges

(a) If the customer chooses to cancel an order, the following charges will apply:

Less than 24 hours’ notice – 25% of total hire

More than 24 hours’ notice – No Charge